A flock of cage-free brown layers inside a chicken house

Poultry Production

Risser’s Poultry offers several production services for our customers.

We utilize an extensive network of contracted poultry farms throughout Lancaster County and other areas of Central Pennsylvania for the production of broilers and custom pullet growing. Currently, we have hundreds of thousands of poultry in production.

All our birds are cage-free and strictly monitored by our trained and certified Poultry Service Technicians. We are extremely conscientious about proper care and handling of all our birds. You can be certain that all of our birds sold and eggs produced are of the highest quality.

Our live poultry production includes:

  • Cage-free laying hens
  • Cage-free pullets
  • Cage-free broilers

We’re happy to talk with you more about our production procedures, biosecurity measures, and opportunities for growers and integrators to be part of Risser’s operation. Give us a call at 717-626-5466 or contact us.