Risser's Poultry Team

Our Mission

The mission of Risser’s Poultry is to serve the poultry industry by providing our customers with innovative and competitive services with an intentional focus on quality, continual improvement, and the strengthening of our industry relationships.

Our Vision

The vision of Risser’s Poultry is to be the trusted leader in providing poultry transport and handling as well as poultry production and management services to the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Our Values

The values of Risser’s Poultry are founded on the principles of Faith and Family which are exemplified in how we live and work:


  • We will communicate openly and honestly, listen carefully, admit mistakes when they occur, and fulfill our promises even when faced with difficult circumstances.
  • We will respectfully treat all customers and team members with the same fairness as we wish to be treated ourselves.


  • We will strive to exceed expectations by consistently delivering innovative and quality service all the time.
  • We will remain as industry leaders with uncompromised attention to the details of our services.


  • We will do what we say and deliver results you can depend on each and every time.
  • We will honor our heritage and dedication to the poultry industry for generations to come.
  • We will remain committed to the safe and humane handling and transport of poultry.


  • We will always remember that our company thrives because of our team members, customers, farmers, suppliers, and industry partners, and we will act to nourish those relationships at all times.
  • We will value and respect others because we believe that life is bigger than any business.