Three receptionists standing in front of Risser's Poultry, Inc. wall

Customer Service

From its inception, Risser’s Poultry has been focused on serving our customers.

Our founder, Carl Risser, invented and patented a cart system for more efficiently loading hens so he could haul more chickens per day because he wanted to be able to serve his customers’ growing demand. We added scissor lift trucks to our fleet to serve customers with layer buildings that had been constructed with multiple levels. We added back-office technologies to keep up with the growing needs of serving our customers. And we’ve added complementary services to deliver greater value to our customers.

Today, our customers want flexibility and need safety. So, we deliver both.

Efficient scheduling handles bookings for fowl and pullet moves. We’re very accommodating to ensure we can transport the birds when it suits you. We prioritize mastering the complexities of logistics management because we recognize transportation is the heartbeat of taking your product from farm to market.

Risser’s Poultry has a network of local poultry farms with the capabilities of growing pullets to meet any customer’s demands. We’re quick to respond with a practical solution to finding additional housing as you grow.

Daily biosecurity best practices and weekly routine flock analysis are perhaps the most confidence-building aspects of serving our customers – and solidifying our excellent reputation.

We also help customers by integrating our support services like production oversight, pullet and hen management, broiler production, cage-free egg production, and certified trucking of several poultry species.

Proactiveness is perhaps our greatest attribute for serving customers.

Our goal is to not wait for a farmer, grower, or integrator to have to ask us for something. Our mission is to offer a new way to serve our customers before they realize they even need it. This helps them stay competitive. And successful.

Our services include: