Poultry Technician inspecting feet of a chicken

Poultry Handling Services

In 2020, Risser’s Poultry, Inc. formed Risser’s Poultry Handling Services, LLC to better serve the growing industry – offering fowl loading and pullet rehousing services. Our trained team is prepared to handle poultry flocks of all sizes across the mid-Atlantic region. We ensure professional and humane handling practices throughout all poultry loading and unloading processes.

Our team members are trained professionals in handling live poultry.

  • Our poultry handling team receives Poultry Handling & Transport (PHT) training in accordance with the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

Our experience of over 90 years within the industry allows us to effectively serve our customers. 

  • We recognize each property is unique and we will customize our services to meet your specific needs
  • We utilize specialized equipment including fans, lifts, and platforms to ensure that the job is completed efficiently, humanely, and safely
  • Our team is always looking to improve our processes and equipment to meet the changing needs of the industry
Risser's Poultry employees

Risser’s Poultry Handling Services strives to maintain the highest levels of biosecurity protocols:

  • Our team operates from bio-secure facilities and arrive in clean uniforms for each job
  • Transport vans for our team members are thoroughly cleaned daily
  • We will adhere to specific biosecurity protocol per customer requirements.

We’re happy to talk with you more about our poultry handling capabilities. Give us a call at 717-626-5466 or contact us.