Worker holding a chicken

Poultry Oversight

Risser’s Poultry offers poultry production oversight for independent producers.

Our Certified Poultry Service Technicians can effectively manage your overall flock’s health to ensure the highest quality and safety of your chickens. We are experts in poultry production management and oversight, and can assist you in solving any problems that might arise with your birds.

Our poultry oversight service includes:

  • Conduct weekly farm visits to monitor conditions and health – including environment, ventilation, food, and water
  • Analyzing flock data including feed conversions and body weights
  • Conduct state and/or federal testing
  • Regulate safety precautions for disease prevention
  • Vaccination monitoring

We’re happy to talk with you more about having Risser’s provide poultry production oversight on your farm. Give us a call us at 717-626-5466 or contact us.